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Brand Story

A USA-based designer, artist, boss lady and creative powerhouse who believes in women empowerment and that anybody can achieve their dreams if they strive harder for it. She started MARA as a part of her passion project, her brain-child, to disrupt the local market by delivering creativity to her clients. She is a fashion graduate from AIFD in 2006, under the mentorship of Shazia Waqar. Madiha also conducted successful fashion shows in different parts of U.S including San Francisco and Dallas, as well as was associated with many popular and known personalities in the fashion industry such as Manish Malhotra, Tarun Thaliani to name a few. Later on, she joined Ted Baker San Diego as a Visual Merchandiser. Furthermore, she also worked at Shannon Production in LA as a freelancer. Her work elaborates on healing through various expressions of art such as clothing, paintings, commissions, sculptures and also bespoke jewellery pieces. Her work is a treat for any art lover who's looking for something unique, offering pure joy to your eyes and soul.

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